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You found the online abode of Beth Erickson, journalist, researcher and sometimes photographer. Looking for a wordsmith who can punch up your copy? Looking for a tireless researcher who can find you the best, choicest tidbits for your presentations, marketing materials and copy? Or maybe you just want to know if I have an opinion on pie (I do, I miss it, don't ask, it makes me sad). Email today (or tomorrow, don't stress about it, we're easy going over here).



The place where I occasionally post a recipe or talk about my kid, or something that's gotten a burr under my saddle.

Texas Health Resources


I provide several non-bylined stories on a monthly basis to this hospital group's health and wellness blog.

Candy's Dirt


I write about public education for this award-winning, Dallas-based real estate blog.



I've won some awards, sure, but mostly I just like making little kids laugh.

But Wait,

There's More

A few more things I have my grubby paws in. Adding stuff almost daily.

Other Places You've Seen Me


Other clients include H&R Block, Aars/Wells, Commit, Vision Magazine, and D Magazine.

My Reading List


I keep adding to that stack on my bedside table. I like thinky books the most, but also love warm fuzzies. You may even see the occasional review. Have a book suggestion? Hit me in the email.

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Questions? Answers? Knock-knock jokes? Email me here.